The Serius Strap®, gives you the most advanced features in Suspension Conditioning.

Serius Exercise - Serius Results - Serius Fun!
Here’s where you’ll learn how easy it is to use your own body weight and the Original SERIUS STRAP to begin, or advance your fitness to levels you never dreamed possible.  With bodyweight conditioning and our full body SERIUS workouts, you can achieve the body you have been looking for in a safe and effective way no matter where you are starting from – and all you need is a closeable door!

Exercise should be fun, functional, and challenging - the SERIUS STRAP makes exercise all this and more.  The SERIUS STRAP uses your body weight for resistance, which gives you total control of how much resistance you are using while exercising any part of your body.  Body Weight exercise is the most productive and fundamental exercise you will ever experience.

In the video, Jamie Atlas, Serius Strap Master Trainer explains how easy and effective body weight exercise will be using the SERIUS STRAP along with our easy to follow instructions.  Sit back and enjoy, you are about to be introduced to the fitness revolution of the future, and it’s available to you today!

Introducing the ORGINAL SERIUS STRAP featuring
MarV Multi-Position, Rotating Fitness Handles

Here is an easy to use, portable, comprehensive fitness and fat loss system that you can use in your own home, office, or while you travel.



           Are you Serius about your health, fitness, vitality, sports performance, and life?



Body weight exercise is the most popular form of exercise today.  You will find it in gyms, health clubs, professional training studios, boot camps, professional and college training facilities, and in youth sports conditioning classes worldwide.  Why?  Because it conditions you to perform in the real world, a world where you move in multiple planes and angles, walk on inclines, up, down, and across hills, crawl under tables, and chase kids, pets, and runaway grocery carts.  Exercise with the SERIUS STRAP prepares you to be the best pet chaser in your neighborhood.

If it is youth or adult sports conditioning you are after, functional body weight exercise is the rage in training rooms everywhere.  The SERIUS STRAP with the MarV 3-Position Handle is the most technically advanced fitness combination you will find, and it’s so easy to train like a pro athlete, you won’t believe it.

Will you be using the SERIUS STRAP in your home?  In your office?  How about when you travel?  We have a product for you - the SERIUS STRAP includes everything you will need to get into the best shape of your life. 

Do you own a gym?  Professional training facility?  If you need a durable, affordable, functional body weight suspension strap, we have just what you’re looking for - the Commercial SERIUS STRAP with Attached Handles. 


Serius Strap Bodyweight Exercise and Suspension Conditioning
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